Because redheads are the most fun...

I recently took family portraits with my dear friends who happen to have some of the cutest kids around. There is an undeniable timbre of joy throughout these photographs, a direct correlation to what a wonderful family my friends have. I had so much fun taking these photos that I had to share some of my favorites!


Scicluna Wedding

October is the sweetest month. Its marks the advent of fall and all the colors I look forward to all year. It hastens the changing weather, which calls for my favorite layers to finally be liberated from the corners of my closet. Trader Joe's releases their new experiments with pumpkin spice and seemingly unrelatable food (Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter? - absolutely).

October this year was particularly sweet because of the two lovely people featured below and their wonderful nuptials. Zachary and Rachel Scicluna, I hope these photographs will be a solemn and warm reminder of your guys' commitment to each other. May they bring you and your family laughter and tears of joy for many years to come. Thank you for entrusting your special moments to me. your favorite fall sweater,


P.S. A large thanks to my dear friend and assistant on this wedding, the wonderful Tanya Shatsillo. There are a number of wonderful photos below that are hers, and additionally she has posted some of her favorites from the wedding on her site here.