A Little Slice of Europe... (Italy and Slovenia)

I just recently got back from my second annual trip to Europe. I had been looking forward to the trip since I got back from Europe last year!

This year's fifteen-day trip allowed me to dip more than just my toes in (last year I could only be there seven days). Between the wonderful friendships, the beauty, the history, and continual inspiration from the former three - Europe has once again solidified its lofty nook in my heart.

The following pictures recount a taste of my experience, and will give you a chance to see some of what inspired me. However, as you will soon surmise, these locals are bastardized by mere photographs. May they serve to encourage your own longings for wandering.


This batch is from my time in Italy, which includes Chianti, Florence, and Verona.

The following batch are now from my time in Slovenia - including the Vintgar Gorge, Piran, and the general countryside. By the way, if you have questions about any of these locations please ask:)